Best Slime Recipe

Our kids love playing with slime, even our teenagers! It is fun and easy. Below is our favorite recipe:

Slime ingredients


  • Liquid Starch
  • Glue (white, clear, or glitter)
  • Food Coloring

Directions: Mix equal parts of liquid starch and glue. Add food coloring to desired result. In our large family, we make sure each person’s slime is a different color to avoid arguments.

Pouring Glue

Mix well!

Mix slime well

The more you play with the slime, the better it gets.  Add different colored sequins, confetti, or glitter for fun or to celebrate a special occasion. For example – red, white, and blue sequins for Fourth of July or Memorial Day, glitter and confetti in your child’s favorite color for their birthday, or your school colors for a fun Kindergarten graduation gift. Have fun!

Long Slime


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  1. How easy is that? We made slime a few years back and it did not work out for us. Your recipe is so easy to remember. I still have a huge jar of glue. Slime here we come. Thanks love for haring. 🙂

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