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Graduation cupcake

This weekend my daughter, Rebecca, graduated from high school! It was a special day filled with congratulations, dinner out with the family (including Grandma), photos, and presents. My other daughter, Celia, made the cute cupcakes pictured above. I bought the fun cupcake liners and sticks from Amazon and Celia used my mom’s Wilton cake decorating tip to pipe the frosting on top.

One of the most amazing and unique gifts Rebecca received was from our neighbors. Check it out:

Graduation Gift

Look at this! It is a huge balloon with pretty ribbons on top. Inside is a nest of ribbons and dollar bills rolled up and tied with more ribbons. The owl is hanging inside free floating. Wow!!! The photo above does not do it justice. Since I still have six more children to graduate high school in the future, I had to ask how in the world they made this balloon of awesomeness. Well, the trick is to use a PVC pipe. The hardest part is stretching the balloon to fit over the opening of the PVC pipe and you may break quite a few before you get one on that stays. But, once it’s on, you can place your ribbons, dollars, owl, etc. inside through the PVC pipe, tie the balloon, and add a pretty bow on top with even more curled ribbon.

Voila! Balloon of awesomeness!

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