How to Make Edible Maps

Edible Maps


Today we made edible maps and it was a lot of fun! Usually this is something that I will skip over, especially since it was an optional assignment, but today we had extra time so I said, “Why not?”

Well, the kids were excited! Were they excited about learning or about the sugar? I suspect it was the sugar since we limit the dreaded white stuff in our house. I thought it would be a fun project, but was pretty skeptical about the kids actually learning anything. Boy, was I wrong!

They all picked China as their country of study. Since they had to make a physical map, they learned the shape of the China by shaping their “dough” into a model of China. They learned the shape of the coastline because they ocean was made with blue icing that they carefully placed on their plate with spoons. They learned where the mountain ranges were because that is where they placed the chocolate chips. It was okay to eat a couple of pieces while they were at it too! They placed M & M’s where cities are located and tried to draw rivers with blue icing (with little success).

Finished Edible Map







Sharks went into the ocean. We were lucky that the only blue icing at the dollar store also came with sprinkles shaped like sharks. SO fun and perfect.

Recipe for “dough”:

  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • 1 cup powdered milk
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 1 cup syrup (we used cheap “maple” syrup)

Mountains were designated by chocolate chips, cities by M & M’s, and water was blue icing.

Edible Maps 4







Call me a mean mom, but I did not let them eat their maps. I did let them mix the M & M’s and chocolate chips with some raisins and peanuts to make trail mix. They each ate some trail mix and Daddy even had some at lunchtime. Delicious!

Edible Map 5


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