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How To Perfectly Peel Fresh Hard Boiled Eggs

If you have backyard chickens you know that trying to peel a fresh hard boiled eggs is, at best, difficult. Fresh eggs just don’t peel well when hard boiled. If you want to make deviled eggs and have them look nice, it is difficult. I used to just buy store bought eggs if I was bringing deviled eggs to a potluck. But, that defeats the purpose of having backyard chickens, doesn’t it?

I finally discovered how to make perfectly peeled fresh hard boiled eggs when we received an instapot as a gift last year. Steam them! The fresh eggs come out looking nice, smooth, and beautiful. If you don’t have an instapot, I highly recommend this one:

How to Make Perfectly Peeled Fresh Hard Boiled Eggs:

  • Put one cup of water in the bottom of your instapot.
  • Place fresh eggs in steamer basket in an instapot.

eggs in instapot

  • Make sure there is some room in-between the eggs for steam to flow through.
  • Close the lid and set at high pressure for 5 minutes.
  • It will take 5 minutes to build to pressure and then they will cook for 5 minutes.
  • Wait an additional 5 minutes for pressure to naturally reduce and then do a quick release. If you’d like, you can just let the pressure cooker reduce pressure without doing the quick release and the eggs will come out fine, but I prefer to do the quick release.
  • When pressure is completely released, place eggs in cold water to stop the cooking process BE CAREFUL! The eggs are hot! I use a hot pad to pick the eggs up and place them in a bowl of cold water.
  • Peel right away or wait until later. They will peel beautifully!

Here are some photos of my kids collecting eggs:

Getting eggs  girl collecting eggs  collecting eggs  collecting eggs

Backyard chickens are a huge blessing to our family. Eggs are a great protein and the kids love our chickens. Our daughter Celia is head chicken keeper and she loves to sing to the chickens. Their favorite song is “Happy” by Phararell Williams. 🙂




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