Wheelbarrow Blessings

Did you know that wheelbarrows can be disguised as blessings? I didn’t either! This past weekend our family put in raised beds for our garden because we are unable to use our regular garden space due to needing our leach field extended. We have patiently been waiting for two months for the septic company crew to put in a leach field extension since our current one does not accomodate our large family. When they do finally come, they will need to drive right through our garden area. So, we are only doing a much smaller garden in raised beds this year.

My husband built four raised beds measuring 10 ft. x 5 ft. and we placed them where we needed them.

empty raised bed

Next step – Filling them with dirt! Well, we don’t own a wheelbarrow so we improvised by filling 5 gallon buckets with dirt using the one shovel we own, then wheeling the bucket from the backyard (where the dirt from our septic tank is dug up) to the front yard (where the raised beds are) on our one dolly.

dolly and bucket

This, of course, would have probably taken forever to fill the beds, but we were determined to get it done in one day. Thankfully, our neighbor walked by and asked if we’d like to borrow a wheelbarrow. YES!!!! Thank you!


I happily trotted down our hill, walked past our neighbors’ pasture, and up his hill to retrieve the blessed wheelbarrow. He even filled up the front tire for me with air.

As I was trudging up my steep hill with the wheelbarrow, another neighbor asked what was up. Well, after a brief explanation, they offered a tractor. Well, I don’t know about you, but I would much rather use a tractor over a wheelbarrow.  I’m weird that way.

The neighbor delivered the tractor, my hubby hauled the dirt, I distributed the dirt with our one shovel, and it took hours! Hours! How long would it have taken with a bucket on a dolly? I don’t want to know and am so incredibly thankful for the blessing of that wheelbarrow, because if it weren’t for the wheelbarrow I would not have received the blessing of a tractor.

Here’s a photo of my hubby being weird while filling the raised beds with dirt.

hubby on tractor

Finally, filled raised beds:

filled raised beds