Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is this Sunday! Are you ready for it? Dads are notoriously difficult to get gifts for. What do you get Dad? Here’s a list of the best gift ideas for Dad on Father’s Day:

  • Favorite Hobby: Enjoy his favorite hobby with him! We usually take my hubby fishing because it is his favorite summertime activity. Take dad golfing, hiking, swimming, camping, bowling, boating, surfing, or whatever makes Dad smile.

Family swimming

  • Gift Certificate: If you can’t enjoy dad’s favorite hobby with him, then get him a gift certificate. Not just any gift certificate though, get one to his favorite golf shop, outdoorsman store, fishing shop, etc.
  • Make His Favorite Meal: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, at least that’s what they say. So, grill dad his favorite steak for dinner or start the morning off with homemade cinnamon rolls.


  • Framed Funny Photo: Give dad the gift of a smile. Frame a photo of the kids goofing off or a photo of your last vacation together. A digital photo frame can let dad see lots of different photos that will show him just how special you think he is.
  • Picnic: Have a picnic down at the lake, at the park, or in your own backyard. You can make it fun by using downloadable printables from Lia Griffith that you can get here.

family picnic

  • Attend Worship Service Together: We always start our Father’s Day by attending church. It helps us to remember that we are not alone and that our heavenly Father loves us.
  • Visit Care Center: Make cards to give to other dads who may not be blessed enough to have visitors on Father’s Day or if you don’t have a dad around to celebrate. Visit your local nursing home, veterans home, or a neighbor.
  • That Thing He’s Always Wanted: You know what it is. It’s that thing he researches on the internet, always looks at in the store, or wishes he had but won’t buy for himself.
  • Time: Most importantly, give dad the gift of your time. That is what he really wants anyway. 🙂

dad holding girl's hand

  • Write Him a Letter: In today’s digital age, hand-written letters show just how much you care. Write dad a letter telling him exactly what makes him such a great dad. Your caring words will be cherished for a lifetime.

Have a safe and happy Father’s Day!